Hello, people of the internet, today I want to talk about something AMAZING that happened to my body.

Sooooo, I´ve been drinking more than three liters of water per day since last week and the consequences have been really cool, maybe the fact that I pee every five minutes, not so much but I´ll get used to it, haha. 


I want to share my results with you:

  • I have more energy! I´m a super lazy girl, I enjoy sleeping and doing nothing everyday ,but now, I wake up, drink one or two glasses of water and that gives me the strenght to go on with my day (of course I drink the rest of the water through the day).
  • Headaches less common. I have migraine so the headaches are part of my everyday routine but now that I´m hydrated they are less common, I haven´t had one in the past two days!!!
  • Beautiful skin. Oh My God, can we talk about how glowy and fresh my skin looks, it´s wonderful, it´s like from one day to another the skin fairytale changed mine, seriously. I have less acne and my skin is clearing up, it´s so beautiful.
  • Better Work Out. When I drink water before I start excersicing and while I´m working out, I tend to do it better because I have more energy.

I did my research aaaaannnnddd:

  • It´s a great tool for weight loss because it has no fat, no calories, no sugar and no carbs.
  • It helps to digest food properly.
  • It helps cleansing your body because it flushes out toxins.
  • You have a healthy scalp, strong hair, strong nails and brighter eyes.

See? The consequences are amazing.

Now I challenge YOU to drink water with me, c´mon it´ll be fun and your body will be thankful.

~Change Is Good~

I don´t know much about experiences, I still have a long life ahead of me, but surely I can tell you about the happiness I felt when I decided to change from Rapunzel to Snow White (hair speaking).

It felt so good to have a “bob”, it was in 2014, Kylie Jenner was the first one to rock it and when I saw her picture I was like “Yep, that´s the hairstyle i want”. A week before my 15th birthday I changed my hair and I fell in love with it.


I have had the same hairstyle for two years now, I NEED A CHANGE.

My next trend to try out are bangs, haven´t had one of those since I was in kinder garden, haha. I´m super excited, probably I´ll have those by the end of the week, so stay tuned to get my review about them, beautiful people.