exciting back to school

My vacations are oficially over 😦 Today I go back to high school and, unfortunately, I´m one of those people that don´t like school, so I wanted to find some kind of inspiration in order to start the new year with a good attitude and, hopefully, I´m gonna wake up everyday happy to be going to school.

Here are 10 things that make me excited to go back to school:)

  1. Friends. The fact that I´m going to see all my friends today gets me in the good mood, because being with them is always fun, we always have something to laugh about, between classes we try our best not to get distracted by the dumb things that we talk about and just the fact of thinking of spending the day surround by people that I love and love me back makes me really happy.
  2. School Supplies. I´m always down for supplies shopping, seriously, I LOVE it. I get really delighted when I choose my color pens, my notebooks, post its, binders, I love when i get a new backpack and of course I get more excited when I get to use them, nothing like writing in the first page of a brand new notebook!!!
  3. First Week. Syllabus week is the best, and you can´t fight me in this. The first week is really relaxed because you just talk about what the subjects are about, the teachers explain to you the way they work, you get to talk about your vacation during class, you get those pep talks from the professors, no work, no homeworks, stress free.
  4. Motivation. I´m one of those people that get really motivated when they have the chance of changing some aspect of their life, I think the new year of school is a great excuse to become a better student,a better person. I love being motivated so I hope i stay like this all year.
  5. New People. I love meeting new people, hopefully today we are going to receive a new student. Also, I enjoy seeing the freshmans because it reminds me of my first year of high school, I was really nervous.
  6. Colder Weather. This one doesn´t need an explanation. Fall is really close, I adore fall.
  7. Prom. This is my senior year so the days are going to happen really quickly, I´m going to be getting ready to go to prom really soon!!! I hope this will be a great year, filled with good people, amazing memories and good grades.
  8. New Schedule. I´m excited for the new classes, the luch breaks that always bring new memories, the soccer games, the new plans with my friends, the parties that the school organizes.
  9. Clubs. I´m looking forward to be in the soccer team this year too, last season was amazing, I met amazing gals, I got a weird tan, I used soccer as a way to relax and working out is always fun.
  10. College. This is self explanatory, I´m ready for campus visits, interviews, career-related conferences and everything that is related to college application.

Please, always remember that being able to receive education is a great opportunity that not everyone has, so be the best student that you can be and always be grateful.


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