~Find Your Body Shape~

Sometimes we love the dress that Vanessa Hudgens was wearing when she went out to get breakfast with her friends, but for some reason when we get the same dress, it does not look as cool as hers, ladies, that´s because we all have different types of bodies.

I took my time to do some research and I found seven types of bodies, keep reading to find your body shape!

Pear: you have a defined waist, small bust and your hips and bottom are bigger than your top half.

Triangle: you have a small waist with a small bust and big hips.

Rectangle: you have a less defined waist and your slim hips are proportionate with your small bust.

Inverted Triangle: you have straight hips, a less difined waist, a big bust as well as big shoulders.

Hourglass: you have big proportionate hips and bust, you also have a defined waist.

Diamond: your waist is bigger than your bust and hips.

Round: you have a rounded stomach and your waist is bigger than your and hips.

On my next posts I´ll be telling  you about the clothes that flatter the most your body shape so make sure to stay tuned!!!


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