I don´t know about you, but since I got myself a pair of overalls I feel like my closet is complete :).

They are great for any season because they come in shorts for hot days, in pants for colder weather and in skirts/dresses that can work for summer or for winter if you pair them with a long sleeve shirt and tights.

But we are here to talk about summer fashion because we still have a month left to enjoy a delicious ice cream by the pool or the great sensation of sand in our bare feet.


Of what I have read they were huge during the 90s and I´m glad they came back because I think dungarees are a  fantastic piece that can be dress up and down when styled correctly.

If I lived by the ocean I would never take them off because I think they look really carefree with the bathing suit underneath. I would wear them with a pair of sandals and a beach bag, this look can also work for a day in the pool just by throwing a crop top or any shirt over the bathing suit.

For a casual day when I´m going to the movies or I´m just hanging out with my friends I style them with a pair of sneakers or slip-on shoes, any graphic tee, a small purse, and for jewerly I opt for bracelets, this look is also perfect for a roadtrip because it´s comfortable but chic.  


They come in different fabrics and colors which makes it easier to find the perfect pair for you, and you have more chances to find a look for any ocassion.

For a cute and femenine outfit I love the idea of wearing a stripes t-shirt, a pair of oxfords, and for accesories a fedora, thinking of that combo makes me crazyyy.

To give the impression that you put effort into your gear I´d decide to wear an overall dress and as a statement piece I would go for a button-dow top, for shoes I have in mind a pair of oxfords or booties.

If you want a casual but still girly look  you can always choose a printed top to go with your pinafore.


If I´m going to get lunch or dinner and I want to look more put together, I would definitely wear pants because they look really stylish with any pair of heels, bold jewerly and a structured handbag or a clutch.

They can also be dressed down by styling them with a pair of white sneakers and a sleeveless shirt.

Have in mind that the denim dungarees work with everything and they make a perfect effortless and flattering look, but if what you need is a sophisticated look then pick a pair of black overalls and you are ready to look amazing.






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