Bangs, you can either love them or hate them, for some reason I´m in between… yep, I have finally changed my hair.

If you want a change of image, you can cut your hair, change the color or try out bangs, which are a great idea because they are a huge trending this year. We saw many celebrities rocking them at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards and at the Met Gala.


Before you make this huge change, I want to share with you some of the new experiences I´m having with bangs:

  • My face looks chubbier but the jaw line looks finer, it shows off my cheekbones and I feel like I have a frame in my face.
  • Sweat is a REAL STRUGGLE. While I work out it´s really annoying to have the wet hair bothering me right there in my face.
  • I didn´t get the bangs I wanted and that is really frustrating because it´s a big change. At the start i didn´t feel confortable but now I am getting used to it and I´m starting to like my bangs.
  • I´m becoming a pro at styling them because now I have to spend time fixing them and making sure they stay in place.



Seeing other women with bangs made me notice that it looks really cute, classic, femenine and the face actually looks softer.

One thing  I like about bangs it´s that you don´t need a certain face shape for them and in case you don´t like them you can grow them out because at the end of the day it´s just hair.

Another thing, is that there are tons of bangs styles for you to try out, we have the “side-swept”, the “parted”, the “choppy”, the “blunt”, the “fringe” and many more!!!


I look different and it´s out of my confort zone but having bangs it´s worth it.


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