exciting back to school

My vacations are oficially over 😦 Today I go back to high school and, unfortunately, I´m one of those people that don´t like school, so I wanted to find some kind of inspiration in order to start the new year with a good attitude and, hopefully, I´m gonna wake up everyday happy to be going to school.

Here are 10 things that make me excited to go back to school:)

  1. Friends. The fact that I´m going to see all my friends today gets me in the good mood, because being with them is always fun, we always have something to laugh about, between classes we try our best not to get distracted by the dumb things that we talk about and just the fact of thinking of spending the day surround by people that I love and love me back makes me really happy.
  2. School Supplies. I´m always down for supplies shopping, seriously, I LOVE it. I get really delighted when I choose my color pens, my notebooks, post its, binders, I love when i get a new backpack and of course I get more excited when I get to use them, nothing like writing in the first page of a brand new notebook!!!
  3. First Week. Syllabus week is the best, and you can´t fight me in this. The first week is really relaxed because you just talk about what the subjects are about, the teachers explain to you the way they work, you get to talk about your vacation during class, you get those pep talks from the professors, no work, no homeworks, stress free.
  4. Motivation. I´m one of those people that get really motivated when they have the chance of changing some aspect of their life, I think the new year of school is a great excuse to become a better student,a better person. I love being motivated so I hope i stay like this all year.
  5. New People. I love meeting new people, hopefully today we are going to receive a new student. Also, I enjoy seeing the freshmans because it reminds me of my first year of high school, I was really nervous.
  6. Colder Weather. This one doesn´t need an explanation. Fall is really close, I adore fall.
  7. Prom. This is my senior year so the days are going to happen really quickly, I´m going to be getting ready to go to prom really soon!!! I hope this will be a great year, filled with good people, amazing memories and good grades.
  8. New Schedule. I´m excited for the new classes, the luch breaks that always bring new memories, the soccer games, the new plans with my friends, the parties that the school organizes.
  9. Clubs. I´m looking forward to be in the soccer team this year too, last season was amazing, I met amazing gals, I got a weird tan, I used soccer as a way to relax and working out is always fun.
  10. College. This is self explanatory, I´m ready for campus visits, interviews, career-related conferences and everything that is related to college application.

Please, always remember that being able to receive education is a great opportunity that not everyone has, so be the best student that you can be and always be grateful.

~Find Your Body Shape~

Sometimes we love the dress that Vanessa Hudgens was wearing when she went out to get breakfast with her friends, but for some reason when we get the same dress, it does not look as cool as hers, ladies, that´s because we all have different types of bodies.

I took my time to do some research and I found seven types of bodies, keep reading to find your body shape!

Pear: you have a defined waist, small bust and your hips and bottom are bigger than your top half.

Triangle: you have a small waist with a small bust and big hips.

Rectangle: you have a less defined waist and your slim hips are proportionate with your small bust.

Inverted Triangle: you have straight hips, a less difined waist, a big bust as well as big shoulders.

Hourglass: you have big proportionate hips and bust, you also have a defined waist.

Diamond: your waist is bigger than your bust and hips.

Round: you have a rounded stomach and your waist is bigger than your and hips.

On my next posts I´ll be telling  you about the clothes that flatter the most your body shape so make sure to stay tuned!!!

// Remedy for Hair Growth //

As you may know I cut my hair a few weeks ago, I liked it but I wasn’t 100% into how it turned out so I decided to try remedies for hair growth.

I used Pinterest to search remedies and the one that called my attention was the one that I’m gonna share with you.

What you’ll need:

  1. Olive oil
  2. Bowl
  3. Spoon

The only things you need to do is:

  • Heat up 3 tablespoons of olive oil. (I put it in the microwave for 10 seconds)
  • Apply the oil all over your scalp and hair.
  • Put your head upside down for 4 minutes.
  • Let it sit for 2 hours.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo. (Make sure you wash it perfectly so you get rid of the oil)
  • Do this once a day for seven days and you’ll notice changes!!!

my hair grew out by the fifth day 😄

I also noticed that my hair was softer, shinier, stronger and it look healthier by the end of the week, that’s because olive oil is rich in vitamin E, C and A.

If you are interested in this remedy try it out!!! You’ll be happy with the results 💁🏻.


I don´t know about you, but since I got myself a pair of overalls I feel like my closet is complete :).

They are great for any season because they come in shorts for hot days, in pants for colder weather and in skirts/dresses that can work for summer or for winter if you pair them with a long sleeve shirt and tights.

But we are here to talk about summer fashion because we still have a month left to enjoy a delicious ice cream by the pool or the great sensation of sand in our bare feet.


Of what I have read they were huge during the 90s and I´m glad they came back because I think dungarees are a  fantastic piece that can be dress up and down when styled correctly.

If I lived by the ocean I would never take them off because I think they look really carefree with the bathing suit underneath. I would wear them with a pair of sandals and a beach bag, this look can also work for a day in the pool just by throwing a crop top or any shirt over the bathing suit.

For a casual day when I´m going to the movies or I´m just hanging out with my friends I style them with a pair of sneakers or slip-on shoes, any graphic tee, a small purse, and for jewerly I opt for bracelets, this look is also perfect for a roadtrip because it´s comfortable but chic.  


They come in different fabrics and colors which makes it easier to find the perfect pair for you, and you have more chances to find a look for any ocassion.

For a cute and femenine outfit I love the idea of wearing a stripes t-shirt, a pair of oxfords, and for accesories a fedora, thinking of that combo makes me crazyyy.

To give the impression that you put effort into your gear I´d decide to wear an overall dress and as a statement piece I would go for a button-dow top, for shoes I have in mind a pair of oxfords or booties.

If you want a casual but still girly look  you can always choose a printed top to go with your pinafore.


If I´m going to get lunch or dinner and I want to look more put together, I would definitely wear pants because they look really stylish with any pair of heels, bold jewerly and a structured handbag or a clutch.

They can also be dressed down by styling them with a pair of white sneakers and a sleeveless shirt.

Have in mind that the denim dungarees work with everything and they make a perfect effortless and flattering look, but if what you need is a sophisticated look then pick a pair of black overalls and you are ready to look amazing.





#tshirt dress

Summer screams comfy clothes that keep you cool of the horrible hot weather, that´s why I want to tell you about a piece of clothing that I´m in love with, the T Shirt dress.

This thing is amazing and looks really cool, it is super easy to style because any shoes and accesories go with it and it can be worn in any season, not just in summer!

They are still a huge trend and that´s why you can find them anywhere atm. A great thing is that they come in a lot of colors and prints so you don´t have an excuse to not get one.

You can dress them up and down, I would get a casual look by wearing them with a pair of sneakers or slip-on shoes, a tote or a backpack and minimum accesories. By the other hand, you can get a more formal look by styling them with a pair of booties, heels or sandals and a clutch or a structured bag.

For me this is a must have because it is super effortless and fun to style, also it can be very versatile so do yourself a favor and go get one!!!


// Remedies for Dry or Chapped Lips //

Where I live tends to get really hot during summer and my lips suffer the consequences. Dry or chapped lips can be really annoying, uncomfortable and painful sometimes, so I have five remedies to treat the lips, they are really easy to make and they work really fast.


  1. Green Tea. Press a used tea bag against your lips for five minutes. (Daily use).
  2. Sugar&Honey. Apply a paste of sugar and honey onto your lips for twenty minutes and then rinse with water and follow with lipbalm. (Twice a day)
  3. Aloe Vera. Apply a small amount of gel on the lips, leave it until it´s dry and wash it off with water.IMG_2609
  4. Cucumber Juice. Extract the juice of a cucumber and apply it to your lips for 20 minutes, then rinse with water.
  5. Olive Oil. Apply it to your lips throughout the day.IMG_2614

Using matte lipsticks, not drinking enough water or licking your lips can cause dry lips too so I have tips to have better skin:

  • Make sure to keep your body hydrated.
  • Use a lipbalm with SPF.
  • Nutrition is really important, eat vegetables and fruits, to be healthy from the inside to the outside.
  • Try not to lick your lips.


Bangs, you can either love them or hate them, for some reason I´m in between… yep, I have finally changed my hair.

If you want a change of image, you can cut your hair, change the color or try out bangs, which are a great idea because they are a huge trending this year. We saw many celebrities rocking them at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards and at the Met Gala.


Before you make this huge change, I want to share with you some of the new experiences I´m having with bangs:

  • My face looks chubbier but the jaw line looks finer, it shows off my cheekbones and I feel like I have a frame in my face.
  • Sweat is a REAL STRUGGLE. While I work out it´s really annoying to have the wet hair bothering me right there in my face.
  • I didn´t get the bangs I wanted and that is really frustrating because it´s a big change. At the start i didn´t feel confortable but now I am getting used to it and I´m starting to like my bangs.
  • I´m becoming a pro at styling them because now I have to spend time fixing them and making sure they stay in place.



Seeing other women with bangs made me notice that it looks really cute, classic, femenine and the face actually looks softer.

One thing  I like about bangs it´s that you don´t need a certain face shape for them and in case you don´t like them you can grow them out because at the end of the day it´s just hair.

Another thing, is that there are tons of bangs styles for you to try out, we have the “side-swept”, the “parted”, the “choppy”, the “blunt”, the “fringe” and many more!!!


I look different and it´s out of my confort zone but having bangs it´s worth it.